Our Partners

3BL Media

3BL Media’s unrivaled content distribution platforms and Brand Studio promote the environmental, social, governance (ESG) initiatives of leading companies, nonprofits and NGOs.


Boardwise is dedicated to providing companies and executives with the highest quality solutions, tools, education, research, late-breaking news, and advisory support in corporate governance available for governance needs around the globe.


Create relationships at scale. Reach your leads faster and resolve customer issues as a team by unifying their text, web chat, and social media messages in one shared communication platform.


iubenda offers a complete set of solutions to make your website or app compliant with the law, across multiple languages and legislations.


Business Intelligence Reimagined. Executives need up-to-date information in order to make good decisions. The challenge is threefold; what are the key metrics to focus on, where does that data reside and how do they access it easily and in one place? Until now, solving those three challenges was a lot harder and more expensive than it sounds. MyDash has revolutionized business intelligence. We partner with proven experts to help executives agree on the key metrics and then aggregate the data and design a custom dashboard. We do the work for our clients so they don’t have to. Within 6 weeks executives are looking at the right information, always up-to-date, at any time, on any device

Sales for Life

Sales for Life’s Digital Sales Mastery System takes sales teams through a learning journey of: Digital Sales Fundamentals, Digital Prospecting, Account Management and Engagement Through this learning process, sales teams learn how to: optimize and make social profiles more customer-centric, find buyers and conduct digital research, engage buyers effectively, share content, develop relationships and more.


SoloSegment delivers AI and machine learning driven insight and analytics to improve conversion. Its GuideBox offering generates leads with entirely anonymous data.

SPAN Digital

SPAN Digital is a best-in-class technical strategy and software engineering firm that helps companies span the divide between vision and reality in their innovation journey. SPAN partners with technology leadership and in-house engineering teams to determine the capabilities they need to compete, develops SaaS solutions that enable engineering and software development teams to be more productive, and builds the digital products they need to stay competitive

Tugboat Logic

Tugboat Logic was created to address the skills and expertise gap in the security and compliance industry. Our goal is to simplify and automate information security management for every enterprise. We help customers plan and implement a security program for their organization, get them ready for industry certifications and enable them to prove compliance with their business partners.