Our Partners

3BL Media

3BL Media’s unrivaled content distribution platforms and Brand Studio promote the environmental, social, governance (ESG) initiatives of leading companies, nonprofits and NGOs.


Boardwise is dedicated to providing companies and executives with the highest quality solutions, tools, education, research, late-breaking news, and advisory support in corporate governance available for governance needs around the globe.


InnerProfessional offers a catalog of transformative leadership and team development engagements designed to elevate equity, performance, satisfaction and wellbeing in the workplace. Experiences are built upon the latest discoveries in psychological, neural, and behavioral sciences. The massively scalable and cost-effective online facilitation methodologies include dynamic peer-group learning and practice, direct engagement with an instructor/coach, and compelling, short-topic on-demand resources and exercises. Participants testify that these online experiences and the results they produce are unparalleled by any they’ve experienced before.

SPAN Digital

SPAN Digital is a best-in-class technical strategy and software engineering firm that helps companies span the divide between vision and reality in their innovation journey. SPAN partners with technology leadership and in-house engineering teams to determine the capabilities they need to compete, develops SaaS solutions that enable engineering and software development teams to be more productive, and builds the digital products they need to stay competitive