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Tips for Sales Leaders to Survive and Thrive

Repeat after me: I will not miss another ski trip. Or holiday dinner. Or football game. Or high-school musical. Now say it again, but this time with feeling. I’ve led…

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Squiggly Career Paths

As the nature and pace of work continues to evolve (devolve?) at breakneck speed, leaders have an opportunity to recast career growth, knowledge acquisition and skill development in support of…

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The Threat of Patchwork Privacy Regulations to Marketing

In a recent article, the IAB – Internet Advertising Bureau wrote that there is a more serious threat to online marketers than the potential loss of cookies. They neatly captured…

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Onsite, Remote or Hybrid: What’s Best for Your Company?

Who would have thought a few short years ago that businesses would have changed as much as they have? Pre-pandemic, companies had very few employees working remotely. Once they were…

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B2B Podcasters: YouTube is Your Best Way to Attract Listeners

Mary Ann Bautista and I first met in the ‘90s, when she was a remnant space broker, and I was buying a lot of media for Book of the Month…

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