Jen McClure | CEO

Jen McClure is founder and CEO of JEM, a Silicon Valley-based global management consultancy and publishing group. She oversees the company’s consulting and advisory services division, Consultants Collective and its media business, including Biznology


As a Finance and People Operations Executive, Jennifer focuses primarily on early-stage, high-growth companies. Helping organizations and teams successfully navigate what can be a challenging period, needing to continue to focus on core objectives.


Janis Knudson | Manager of Consultant, Client & Partner Success

​ As a Certified Customer Experience Professional (CCXP), Janis Knudson is passionate about understanding customer needs and challenges, identifying areas of opportunity and influencing change to drive an improved experience.

Board of Advisors

Betsy Burroughs

Betsy Burroughs has also joined the JEM board of advisors. Burroughs is a marketing and brand executive turned neuroscience researcher. She has executive experience in marketing, advertising, sales and publishing.


Vanessa DiMauro is a digital transformation strategist, investor, advisor, researcher, and speaker. She is a pioneer in the field of online communities and in using digital business solutions to gain customer insight and increase revenue.

Elizabeth Fairbanks-Fletcher

Elizabeth Fairbanks-Fletcher, Esq. is a tax accountant and New York State licensed attorney and leads Fairbanks Fletcher Law PLLC, based in Saratoga Springs, NY. Elizabeth holds a J.D. from Albany Law School.

Steve King

Steve King is a Partner at Emergent Research. Steve’s current research and consulting is focused on economic decentralization, the growth of small business and the future of work and workplaces.

David Schlesinger

David Schlesinger advises on running complex, dispersed global organizations with an emphasis on China and media. He was formerly Chairman of Thomson Reuters China, responsible for building relationships